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Paying to use antivirus software tends to divide people and businesses. Depending on who it is you are asking, you’ll either be told it’s an absolute waste of money or that a necessary cost to protect your business. In balance, neither view can be said to be 100 correct. There are tons of reasons you should go with a free version but there can also be just as many reasons to pay for the software. The anti-virus software market is extremely competitive and you will notice that a lot of the bigger players tend to release a free version of their software for a limited amount of time first, and then try to convince you to sign up for the upgraded version. For some people it’s pretty easy to do the rounds and simply download another free trial by another competitor once your current one ends. While there are benefits to doing this, there are also a lot more reasons why you should consider paying for the full version if you are happy with the trial. Here are three reasons why.

You’re on your own

There are different levels of antivirus protection available; permanently free ones, paid protection, suites, and “premium” suites. The further you get up the ladder, the more you pay and also the more features you get. One of the main downfalls to free protection is the lack of technical support. If you have problems with your protection and you are using software you pay for, yo are usually provided with a phone number you can call for support. With the free protection, you are pretty much left to work out the problems for yourself. This can not only be frustrating, it can also be incredibly time consuming as you work your way through online forums for advice.


While the interface is usually pretty similar in terms of navigation and design for free products as well as paid, one of the most annoying things about certain free programmes can be the adverts. If you are using a free trial, you will probably receive a number of regular notifications encouraging you to sign up for the paid version. There are also a few instances where you are able to see certain features in a demo but are unable to use them until you upgrade.

Protection levels

The free antivirus software that is widely available does the job for most personal computers or small networks but if you are writing a business plan for a new start up and you’re considering what software to use, people tend to feel safer with the paid, suite or premium suites as they offer more than your basic level of protection. And when you consider how much of your businesses personal data will be stored on you employees pc’s and online, you have to weigh up the costs of how much losing all that data could cost you, especially if a competitor was able to get their hands on it!

So when considering what protection to use for your computers, remember that free versions are excellent and do a great job at protecting your data but the more you work your way up through the different types, the more features you receive such as protection from identity theft, firewalls, and system performance tools. Most companies would argue that their free software is aimed at a more basic user while paid protection is more for advanced users.

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