Picking a Plugin

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Plugins are small applications that you can install on your WordPress or other web platform to increase interaction on your page, make it easier to manage, or make it easier to keep track of your stats. There are a number of plugins available for free. While many are great, some can actually damage your page and others won’t do anything to help you at all. That’s why, when your looking for a great plugin, you need to check out the reviews and know exactly what you’re looking for. The most popular plugins are used for social media sharing, preventing spam and ecommerce.

The Best Plugins for Preventing Spam

If you’re using WordPress, chances are you’re already familiar with Akismet for catching spam. However, sometimes, this just isn’t enough. The more popular your page gets the more likely your going to be to get spam comments on your page. That’s why it is usually necessary to include a different plugin as a second layer of protection for your site. Spam Stopper is another popular alternative. This one works by requiring that users submit a CAPTCHA prior to posting, eliminating spam bot comments entirely. However, some people don’t like requiring their readers to complete CAPTCHA, as they feel they would loose out on genuine comments. Another alternative that does not require CAPTCHA is Spam Free WordPress. It does not rely on CAPTCHA and can even allow you to block certain IP ranges where spam commonly originated from.

The Best Plugins for Social Media Sharing

If you’re trying to create a strong social media presence, then plugins for social media sharing are a must. The Facebook share plugin is standard on pretty much any blog. This allows users to share your page on Facebook, thereby sharing it with their own friends and viewers. This should not be confused with the Facebook like plugin, which allows users to Like your post on their Facebook page. Finally, there is the Facebook fan box. If you have a fan page, you can share this on your site and allow your blog readers to become fans as well.

The Best Plugins for eCommerce

If you are looking to monetize your site, then you will need to look into a few of the eCommerce options available on WordPress. Live Chat is a customer support ap that will allow you to answer customer questions and complaints. If you’re selling a physical product on your page, Market Press is a plugin that creates a shopping cart for your site. Finally, if you’re looking for an all-in-one plugin that will handle your orders, shipping, customer service and many other things, then you should take a look at the Shopp plugin.

There are many free plugin options available out there. At the same time, there are many cheap options that will help you make sales. For more information on plugins and widgets, see the site Widgetbucks, where you can get an explanation of many different types of widgets and plugins to improve your business..

What is FunWebProducts Spyware?

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Is funwebproducts spyware a virus or spyware or something else? At work today I noticed an increased number of users hitting the server with FunWebProducts in the User Agent name. I thought this was very strange so I went to visit a user that had the FunWebProducts as there User Agent id.

Looking at the infected machine I can see the FunWebProducts software is actually spyware, It infects your system with out you knowing and hi-jacks all of your internet browsers. FunWebProducts may change your default search engine to MyWebSearch, and it may install a toolbar.

Once a system is infected with the funwebproducts spyware you will gets tons of unwanted popups in your internet browser. If you are infected with the funwebproducts spyware make sure you remove the threat from your system as soon as possible.

Are you infected with funwebproducts spyware?

If you see FunWebProducts in the following text display of your HTTP User Agent, then you have their software on your machine.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:19.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/19.0

Another way to check is to type the following in the navigation toolbar of your browser:

This will open a little dialogue box with the details above..

The Solution of Online Rendering

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The usage of a render farm or an online rendering service is making it easier for companies that can’t afford the best technology to produce the best products. Many render farms allow companies to render online to increase their efficiency and productivity along with their turnaround time.

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How Couriers Enjoy the Benefits of GPS Technology

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Beyond the sometimes shrill claims and business slogans, couriers are, at bottom, all about delivering on time, with every single package—it only takes one instance of mishandled courier work for customers to scamper away and move over to your competitors. To ensure utmost efficiency, it is common for couriers to use the latest innovation or technology as it becomes available, and one of the currently most useful assistive technologies out there is the global positioning system (GPS). But how do couriers actually use this technology, and how does GPS enable them to do their job more efficiently?pic

What is GPS?

Basically, GPS is nothing esoteric—its operating principles are easily understood despite the high-level technical matters involved in making it work. At the very least, the use of GPS can make any courier work easier to do, primarily from the management and operational standpoint. GPS-enabled devices, such as smart phones and tablets specifically designed for the courier industry, “talk” with satellites orbiting the Earth, obtaining from them data regarding location and depth, with an accuracy of up to a few meters. This means a manager can track the location of any courier in real time, as seen by the “eye in the sky.” On the other hand, GPS can also enable customers to track their packages or parcels, thus giving them peace of mind and reassurance of the courier’s reliability of service.

Making the Job more Efficient

The advantages of the usage and implementation of GPS technology to the courier and to the customer are obvious: by being able to know the whereabouts of a courier or package delivery at any time, a manager or supervisor can make sure that the courier work is processed as fast as possible and thereby avoid the occurrence of any hitch. This efficiency means resources are properly used and allocated and, if possible, even saved. GPS also works well with providing location information to couriers already on the road, and such avoids the wastage of time, energy and fuel. GPS also has a psychological effect on couriers on the road—as they know that their location is being logged and recorded, couriers will always be on their best work behaviour. The other end of this whole string of benefits concerns the customer: the technology allows them to “watch” how their package travels through the network until it arrives in the destination. This empowers the customer with timely knowledge and reassures them of the reliability of the courier’s service.

Increased Profitability

GPS technology has been largely responsible for further “shrinking” the world in which we live. And with a “smaller” world, the typical courier is able to accomplish any given courier work with ease, speed and improved efficiency. Such positive changes have a significant effect on a company’s bottom line: this simply means the company gets a bigger volume of work processed in a shorter time, and thus, increased profits..

Black Friday Week on Amazon!

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If you are looking to purchase Christmas presents on Amazon this year, now is the time! Black Friday Deals Week include electronics, computers, toys, and almost everything on their site! Also remember, Cyber Monday is coming up! Check back here as we will be ramping up and making changes to ComputerSmash.com !

Secure Your Home with Technology

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Everyone is concerned about the safety of their home, and unfortunately having a “guard dog” or an alarm sign is not enough to keep burglars out. Fortunately, the latest technology in security solutions gives everyone the opportunity to secure their homes and also gives people peace of mind when on holidays, at work or even when stepping out of the home for a few minutes. For those who are looking for peace of mind, here are some must have safety items for the home.

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Corporate IT Projects

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The success of Corporate IT departments large and small depends on the alignment of IT resources to meet business requirements.

These business and project requirements drive IT projects that are frequently over budget, under-delivered, out of scope and delivered
late. The root cause of these project failures are based on:

  • Unknown or mis-understood business requirements
  • Unknown or mis-understood project requirements
  • Unknown or mis-understood project risk management
  • Cross departmental mis-communications / expectations
  • Insufficiently detailed RFI / RFP requirements
  • Mismatched IT Technology Solutions
  • Insufficient supportive policies, standards and processes
  • Non-existent or insufficient visualized business / IT processes
  • Lack of understanding of the technologies and their interdependencies

The lack of ability to articulate either in design or illustration of these complex projects, technologies and deployments is the purpose of our business solutions.

Our solutions save you time and money. Our documents are based on successfully executed projects and IT solutions. We provide RFI, IT project, analysis, collection and deployment design templates in Microsoft Word, Project, Visio, Excel and PowerPoint formats.

The best and most cost effective IT re-usable technology Microsoft document templates on the Internet covering 27 IT Project Domains..

Hosting Versus Cloud Computing

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Hosting solutions are very important for businesses, and IT service companies can help you choose the best solution. Cloud computing is the new buzz term that everyone is using, so you need to know how it is better than traditional hosting. Control, reliability, data security, costs and changes of failure are important aspects that hosting, in its traditional and cloud form, needs to answer to. Read more of this article »

Five great reasons not to use YouTube® for your business

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Online video is big, not just big compared to other media but big in general. We all know that YouTube® serves 4 billion views per day, but there are so many other video streaming companies that it is estimated that more than 50% of the information on the net, will be video within 5 years.

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How to Find the Best Electronics

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There are a plethora of different electronics available, and there are even more websites, stores and places to purchase these electronics. Rather than searching every website and going into every store separately, i.e. Walmart, Future Shop, Best Buy, NCIX, Amazon, EBay, etc., there is a website which will find the exact item you are looking for, and display all of the places where you can purchase it along with their prices. The website is called Suggestors.org, and has a quick and easy search bar at the top for easy use. This website is very simply and user friendly, and is not full of annoying, random advertising like many other similar sites. You can search for all types of electronics, including laptops, cell phones, computer parts and equipment, and games.

If you do not wish to use the search bar, you can easily find a product you need by adding filters to the result page and by sorting laptops in the way you like. You can also read detailed specs about the product by clicking on its link or image. You can also find a place to buy this product by going to “Prices” tab on the product page. Prices are already sorted first by cheapest and most reliable.

According to the site owners, many other features will be added soon. Features such as “price tracking,” “similar products search” and others which will enhance the efficiency of the users experience.

If you are trying to find the best electronics, give this site a try! Visit http://suggesters.org and type in the product you are looking for. It is quick and easy!.