Corporate IT Projects

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The success of Corporate IT departments large and small depends on the alignment of IT resources to meet business requirements.

These business and project requirements drive IT projects that are frequently over budget, under-delivered, out of scope and delivered
late. The root cause of these project failures are based on:

  • Unknown or mis-understood business requirements
  • Unknown or mis-understood project requirements
  • Unknown or mis-understood project risk management
  • Cross departmental mis-communications / expectations
  • Insufficiently detailed RFI / RFP requirements
  • Mismatched IT Technology Solutions
  • Insufficient supportive policies, standards and processes
  • Non-existent or insufficient visualized business / IT processes
  • Lack of understanding of the technologies and their interdependencies

The lack of ability to articulate either in design or illustration of these complex projects, technologies and deployments is the purpose of our business solutions.

Our solutions save you time and money. Our documents are based on successfully executed projects and IT solutions. We provide RFI, IT project, analysis, collection and deployment design templates in Microsoft Word, Project, Visio, Excel and PowerPoint formats.

The best and most cost effective IT re-usable technology Microsoft document templates on the Internet covering 27 IT Project Domains..

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