Differences Between Proxy And VPN Servers

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In one or two occasions, you may have come across phrases like VPN Vs Proxy or vice versa. Such phrases basically source information on the differences between Proxy servers and VPN Servers. Even though the two kinds of servers aim at serving the same purpose, there are slight differences between them that you also need to take note of. The main task of the two kinds of servers is to give access to websites that are not quite easy to get through. The main differences of the two servers lie in the way through which they allow the users to approach the internet. For more on VPN Vs Proxy, keep reading!

One of the differences between the two is that a VPN can be used as an alternative to a private local network connection across a regular internet connection. A Proxy server on the other hand, can be used as an intermediary computer that facilitates the communication on behalf of another computer that is used in making a request.

The other difference between a VPN and a Proxy server lies in the security. In the event that you are using a proxy server, you are sending traffic to the entire world of internet such that the information contained therein can be intercepted by anyone. This is because that traffic is not encrypted hence leaving loopholes for packet sniffing. However, when you are using a VPN, especially a premium VPN service, you are able to effectively eliminate such problems. The main reason behind this is that a VPN enhances secure communication between just two points and not the entire world of internet like in the case with a proxy. Besides, a VPN server also uses encryption which ensures that your information is safe from interception.

The configuration of the two kinds of servers is also another point of importance that you should look into when making comparisons on VPN and Proxy. A variety of proxy servers can use two kinds of configurations. There are those that will require you to install particular software in order to use them while some operate on the standard web configuration. However, VPN has several services that allow you to connect to a wide range of locations. This means that you are able to change the configuration based on your country unlike when you are using a Proxy server. In fact, with VPN, there are no restrictions to all your traffic.

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