Five great reasons not to use YouTube® for your business

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Online video is big, not just big compared to other media but big in general. We all know that YouTube® serves 4 billion views per day, but there are so many other video streaming companies that it is estimated that more than 50% of the information on the net, will be video within 5 years.

Video is short, smart, and to the point, plain text and photos are not very engaging.

With video there are no such issues, as long as you understand the language, the video get the message across in the most efficient way, visually. So you have a business and you want an online video presence? The answer is yes by the way. You DO want an online video host. The first thing small businesses do is open a You tube account, great, it’s free, it’s simple, it works.

But hang on lets think about it from a business point of view, You tube is designed for entertainment, its designed to get “hits”. You don’t need “hits” you need targeted views. In simple terms, you need a specific streaming company not just a run of the mill one. There are also some more serious issue and reasons why hosting your business video should be done by the experts.

So lets look at the 5 reasons to shy away from youtube for business reasons;
1. Buffer waiting.
2. Content near unprofessional entertainment.
3. Copyright protection.
4. Player branding.
5. Protection from download.

First of all YouTube® uses FLV and Mp4, formats used for streaming video in high quality across many platforms, the problem is buffering. Youtube® sometimes buffers to the point where you cant be bothered to watch the video any more, ideal for a business right? Wrong. Your business can lose credibility and potential business when a viewer is subjected to buffer wait on your website. Do they want to wait to see that great overview you spent time on? Probably not, these days another business is just a click away.

There is an alternative. Video providers such as Flv Hosting use something called RTMP within a Media Server. What this means is no more buffering, your clients will watch your video and never have to sit and watch that annoying little grey circle spin around and around. This method of streaming can also protect your video from download, because it streams directly from the media server, with the video player acting as a “window” to view through.

The second consideration is appropriate related content, your company message should be seen unfettered and uninterrupted. Having your company brand shown next to a dozen videos of fat men falling off bicycles, or half naked girls playing volleyball, is not only drawing customers eyes away from your product. Its deeply damaging to your brand, your business, and most of all your message. It’s just too easy for clients to click across to something else.

Its free, but at what cost? A major concern with YouTube®, is a 6 year legal fight with media giant Viacom has proven, is copyright theft and copyright protection. YouTube® have always allowed instant downloading of their videos, and as a standard You tube license user you also give YouTube® full permission to use your content in any way they see fit. Basically, you upload to YouTube®, you lose copyright control. Is that what you want your company video media to do? Be controlled by another company?

Branding and custom player options. YouTube® video player also has in player branding, other video streamers have their own branding floating around in front of YOUR customers. Why promote their brand instead of your own? Much better to use a player where you can add your own logo or a generic style without any branding at all.

But the best reason to use is the instant playback, scrubbing, and skipping our video streaming solution offers. Any good media message should have so much information that the viewer needs to re watch, again and again. Our players allows this with ease.

Your video media, and ultimately your message is going to around the internet for a long time, can you risk handing it over to companies currently in court over copyright issues?
Serve your customers properly, serve them using RTMP instant stream.

Mike McGuinness
VP Sales,

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