Flip Book Maker

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Flip Book Maker is a downloadable software designed to act as a virtual scrapbook for your photos and images. Flip Book Maker is similar to Apple’s iPhoto on MacBook Pro, however Flip Book Maker is actually easier to use, especially for beginners, and has many options to customize your flip book. There are 28 templates to choose from, free music tracks to add music to your book, and special effects to customize your book. While iPhoto is stagnant, Flip Book Maker is dynamic and allows you to save in a number of different formats. This user-friendly program for decorating and displaying digital photos and videos.

I tried this product, and I found it very easy to use, yet not restrictive. Often those who are experts at graphics or computers find easy-to-use programs boring or restrictive, however Flip Book Maker is not only easy to use, but it has many features to ensure all users will benefit.

Other great Flip Book Maker features:

* Convert PDF files to FlipBook
* Customize the style of the flipping book
* Includes magazine layout templates

If you are wondering how to use the flip book maker software, there are instructions provided with the download. In addition, the website offers a free video on how to use the software as well.

For more information on Flip Book Maker, visit www.FlipBookMaker.com where you can download a FREE trial BEFORE you purchase it! I highly recommend this software, it’s a creative way to send pictures to your family during the holidays..

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