Hosting Versus Cloud Computing

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Hosting solutions are very important for businesses, and IT service companies can help you choose the best solution. Cloud computing is the new buzz term that everyone is using, so you need to know how it is better than traditional hosting. Control, reliability, data security, costs and changes of failure are important aspects that hosting, in its traditional and cloud form, needs to answer to.

The first step: shared hosting

Companies that are just starting up may not have the need for cloud computing just yet. For them, shared hosting can be a solution proposed by information technology specialists. Here are some good and bad points of shared hosting you may want to keep in mind.

• It is inexpensive
• You do not need to have extensive networking knowledge
• It does not provide much support
• Control is lacking
• Poor performance is to be expected

The second step: virtual servers

Computer networking services can also offer hosting in the form of virtual servers. While these are a step up from shared hosting, as you are allocated a certain hard drive space, along with more control and support, they are not as good as cloud computing, as you will see.

• Virtual servers offer more control
• The system is more reliable
• It requires computer networking knowledge
• Bandwidth can be an issue

The third step: dedicated servers

While on virtual servers, as any IT services contractor can tell you, you need to share hard drive space with others, not the same thing happens with dedicated servers. These have their fair share of ups and downs, which is why you may need to enlist the help of information technology companies.

• You have complete control
• The servers are more reliable
• Data security is ensured
• Dedicated servers are expensive
• You need to have computer networking knowledge to operate them well

Cloud computing

Large companies and organizations have more complex needs than startup businesses. For them, cloud computing is a much better solution. Computer networking services can offer you the best solutions in this field. Extra services are provided to those seeking them, such as:

• Balancing resources: cloud computing makes it easier to manage resources and their load through a virtual server
• Content delivery: all content delivery is done in a transparent manner
• Less chances of failure: cloud computing ensures the best security, as, if one center falls, another is ready to take its responsibilities and data load
• Scaling down resources: cloud computing does not become overbearing, as it can scale down or up the use of resources as the need arises
• Building new services: information technology specialists can help you build services tailored on the needs of your business and then deploy them to the cloud
Cloud computing allows for more control, more reliability, and there are more points of failure that can be used, in order to allow the rest of the system to take over the data load. For those seeking computer networking Denver services, contact QeH2. Their professional team provides professional IT services in Denver and can help with your cloud computing needs..

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