How Baby Boomers Keep Up with the Latest Technology Trends

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Kids these days harbor the erroneous notion that all men and women of their grandparents’ age are afraid of technology. Such a notion was only made stronger by TV and film showing less than amusing snippets of Baby Boomers struggling to get their cellphones to work.

In reality, however, Baby Boomers are just as interested in the latest high-tech products that have been hitting the market. They have, however, two distinct differences from their younger counterparts. First is that they would want to know the features of the product and if it is easy for them to use before they withdraw some money from their retirement fund. Secondly, they are not very happy with the fast pace that new tech is being developed. Once they get around to buying said gadget, it has already been replaced by a new version.

Just how do Baby Boomers keep up with the latest tech trends? Like most people, Boomers get their tech news from two sources—TV and the Internet. Usually, they hear about new tech first from the news on television. If they find the tech interesting enough, they would go online to research. If you find the idea of a geriatric surfing the Internet surprising, the Pew Internet Project definitely confirms that 53% of American adults 65 and older are using the Internet. It is the wealth of knowledge on the Internet—and the appeal of getting in touch with loved ones through email and social networking sites like Facebook—that has prompted seniors to go online more, and which has, in turn, enabled them to get more information on new technology. The remaining 47% would usually hear about new tech from family members, especially tech savvy grandkids, friends and neighbors.

However, while Baby Boomers do keep up with the tech trends, it is in getting them to buy, much more use, the product is where the problem lies. As the Pew report reveals, although 56% of American seniors aged 76 and above do own cellphones, they don’t know how to use them. The same applies to computers, laptops, tablets, Kindles, etc.

To make Baby Boomers more tech savvy, there are several nonprofit organizations that have been offering tutorials on the use of these gadgets. A good example of such an organization is Our Senior Nation in Nashville which has students from Belmont and Lipscomb teaching boomers how to use laptops, smartphones, and Kindles. There are tech literacy sessions that are being held at the Senior Living Center in St. Paul.

Once these Boomers have gained the knowledge to use these devices, more often than not, their next step would be to find a gadget of their own. A very popular site among Baby Boomers is The site allows seniors to choose the product that is perfect for their needs by making them answer multiple choice questions that would describe their ideal gadget. After answering the questions, the site will then give the senior a personalized Product Report on the various gadgets that best match them, together with detailed specs and product reviews.

As you can see, Baby Boomers are not the tech hating generation that most young people think them to be. They do love tech; they just need a little time to get to know more about the gadget.

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