Human Resource and the Recruitment Process

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Recruitment/selection is one of the major functions of human resource management. It is also one of the major concerns of an organization, while trying to hire the best possible candidates. Usually when one wants to find a job, they look for their area of expertise related jobs and put in their CV’s. The CV’s go up to the employers and are short-listed through either manual processing and check or the recruitment software. One may or may not get an interview call from an employer due to the eligibility criteria for the job applied.

How does the criterion match with the CV’s? The recruitment software is as such the basic for deciding which candidate to short list and which not to short list. This is because the software is fed with the general requirements of the job vacancies published online and in different newspapers’ classifieds. It helps filtering out of the relevant resumes put in by different candidates. It also helps in different HRM recruitment functions as many as one can pay the software developers for developing and tailoring into the application systems.

My company has good recruitment software that successfully establishes the functions of:

• Applicant tracking system
• CV database
• Staffing requirements
• Filters
• Connects with different social networks
• Connects with different hired jib hunting websites
• Incorporates connection with the headhunters.
• Generates emails and telephonic calls to the short listed candidates.

The software can also be optimized to fit the needs and requirements of the company who wants to install it into their systems. The data base can be of oracle or any other good database management system application. Fields and tabs can be customized to help the ease of recruiters. It also generates an automatically matched list with the CV database and files in official template based emails to the candidates.
This all process is only possible when the job analysis has been properly done at an organization and effective job vacancies have been analyzed. If however, there are no jobs worth filling, there is no need to hire extra gentry into the offices to maximize cost of employment. Even sometimes, the job analysis software works in coherence with the recruitment software.

It is easier to install the software but the fixed cost of it is quite huge. In addition, sometimes the software may malfunction as the technology is good but never wise

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