RTI control system

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I am in the market for a RTI control syst and I found a site which was just what I wanted. It gave me total control over everything with just a few touches of a button.  For any of you who don’t know what a RTI system is, please let me inform you of the merits of a system like this.

The RTI control system can be a small hand held device which stands alone, or it can even be integrated into an Android or iphone app.

If I am driving home (or if my wife is driving more to the point so I can operate the RTI control system) and I want to make sure my home is ready for me when I get back, then I can use the RTI control system to turn on my lights before I turn into my drive.  I can set my air conditioning to the correct temperature so that I am not too hot once I set into my living room.  I can even make sure my food is cooking before I get back.  Basically, it helps me in my life, making mundane tasks to be carried out at a touch of a button.

Anyway, please check out the link above to see what its all about.

They don’t just do the RTI control systems though, they also do fibre cabling in the London region as well which is useful as that’s where I am from.

The company is Tateside.

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