Technology and the T Shirt Printing Industry

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T-Shirts and technology often go hand in hand. There’s something in the mind set of any technologically minded soul that craves a great t-shirt design. The garment is probably only coveted more by heavy metal lovers.


So, it’s amazing that for so long the t-shirt printing industry, or at least it’s internet face has been stuck in a rut for so long. For years now the best the industry has been able to offer visitors looking to buy a personalized t-shirt, has been a sketch or a photo of a t-shirt with a flat picture of your design stuck over the front, a realistic result only if you had the tend to wear a flat wooden board inside the front of your t-shirt. Not very comfy. There have been some successes with the use of flash based 3D solutions, where your design is warped to fit the shape of the garment on the design preview but being flash they have tended to be a) ugly, lacking anti-aliasing and relying on low poly models to represent the t-shirt and b) flash based with all the problems that entails for users such as having the wrong browser, the wrong OS, the wrong trousers…well maybe flash isn’t that inconvenient but it’s not the final solution either. Not these days.


Well this has all just changed. TShirtStudio has started rolling out it’s latest design preview update and it works great and it’s a bit of a game changer. The T-Shirt preview is a high quality photo as has been traditional, so there’s none of that fake flash shading and icky jaggy-edged models, and when you upload your image some high tech behind the scenes shenanigans¬† manipulates the design in such a way that it bends and undulates to fit with the topography of the shirt used on the preview photo. The result is that it’s barely distinguishable from a photo of the final printed product. Not only great for customers but a great tool for anyone looking to make t-shirt mockups too..

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