Where to Buy Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

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Adobe Flash Crash

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You might be on this page because you can’t view content with the Adobe Flash Player.

I recently purchased a new ASUS notebook
and after installing Firefox and I had this problem.

Whenever a website in Firefox called for a flash player, Adobe Flash
would crash. I knew it wasn’t the computer, as the computer was brand new, and it only happened to me in Firefox. It didn’t crash in Opera or Google Chrome, and I didn’t try it in Explorer; it only crashed in Firefox.

After a half an hour of being FRUSTRATED I decided to do some research and I FOUND THE FIX!

The problem is that Adobe Flash Player does not run in most 64-bit browsers. If you attempt to download the Flash Player in a 64-bit browser that does not support Flash Player, you will most likely see an error message from Adobe.

The Solution

From the Adobe Website…

You can install the Flash Player using a 32-bit Web browser on your 64-bit operating system. All major browsers are available in 32-bit versions and the Internet Explorer 32-bit browser is the default browser on Windows 64-bit systems.

There is a preview release of Adobe Flash Player (codename “Square”) which includes full support for 64-bit Web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux computers from Adobe Labs. The preview release installs into 64-bit Web browsers, so you do not need to use a 32-bit browser.

The download is available here http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Make sure to first uninstall any/allĀ  versions of Adobe Flash Player on your computer.

Either download the file through a different browser (I.E. Google Chrome) or follow these steps when downloading in Firefox…

1) Download through the above link

2) Close firefox

3) Close Downloads box

4) Access the download through downloads folder, double click and install

The beta version of Adobe Flash Player for 64 bit operating system worked perfectly for me, feel free to leave comments!.