Antivirus Software

Posted by admin on November 30, 2011 under Software | Comments are off for this article

Paying to use antivirus software tends to divide people and businesses. Depending on who it is you are asking, you’ll either be told it’s an absolute waste of money or that a necessary cost to protect your business. In balance, neither view can be said to be 100 correct. There are tons of reasons you should go with a free version but there can also be just as many reasons to pay for the software. The anti-virus software market is extremely competitive and you will notice that a lot of the bigger players tend to release a free version of their software for a limited amount of time first, and then try to convince you to sign up for the upgraded version. For some people it’s pretty easy to do the rounds and simply download another free trial by another competitor once your current one ends. While there are benefits to doing this, there are also a lot more reasons why you should consider paying for the full version if you are happy with the trial. Here are three reasons why.
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