The Solution of Online Rendering

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The usage of a render farm or an online rendering service is making it easier for companies that can’t afford the best technology to produce the best products. Many render farms allow companies to render online to increase their efficiency and productivity along with their turnaround time.

What Is A Render Farm?

A rendering farm shares a lot in common with a cloud computing network, which most people are already familiar with. This type of computing network consists of a high-performing computer cluster that can render computer generated imagery quickly and with the highest possible quality. This data can then be returned to the original company for usage in films, television shows, or commonly video games. This cuts down on a lot of the cost for a company because they don’t have to develop these computer systems on their own. It can be especially useful in low-budget projects because it can allow them to deliver cutting edge effects without having to invest the time and resources into creating them. A properly built rendering farm will also have a faster turnaround time than most computer systems.
How Do Rendering Farms Work?

When using this type of service, the production company will present their data files that need to be rendered. The company will usually work with working renders during production time and will present their data to the service only for the final cut, and possibly for some quality checks during development as well. The rendering service will render the provided scenes and then send the company back the high resolution data. With online rendering farms, this entire process can be done very quickly. It also means that the physical rendering centers can be located in areas that are very inexpensive, cutting down on the cost of the final render.

Why Would A Company Need To Use Rendering Farms?

While in the past cluster computing was used to cut down on time, today it is used to create more detailed and enhanced graphics. Without advanced computing systems such as rendering farms it’s impossible to capture the high resolution images that viewers have come to expect. This means that unless a production company can pay for their own development cluster, which can get extremely expensive, they will not be able to produce convincing special effects or computer video. Rendering farms allow smaller production companies and video game companies to take advantage of high resolution, detailed graphics with a lower barrier to entry..

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